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Electrical Equipments for Metro's

Unlike any other industry that requires power, the metro industry requires a little bit of extra power since the train itself runs on the same electricity that powers the rest of the infrastructure as well.

There are many aspects to consider while designing the electrical supply system for metro trains such as:

  • Proper protection should be in place to make sure that the passengers do not come in contact with the transmission lines under any circumstances.
  • Warning signs should be placed near dangerous electrical equipment that carries high voltage/current.
  • Earthing should be in accordance with international standards and should be tested thoroughly.
  • The third rail that supplies power to the train shall be implemented as per national and international standards
  • High-quality electrical equipment that can conduct a large amount of electricity necessary to run such a power drawing load should be in place.

Ensuring that these checks have been performed and the power transmission system is able to deliver the power in a safe and secure way makes the passenger and the employees working in metro stations safely. Liya electricals supply a wide range of electrical products necessary to get the power up and running in metro stations and trains. All the equipment we supply has been tested for quality and durability.

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