Skirting & Trunking

Skirting & Trunking

The new three compartment dado trunking system the prestige 3D from MK that fulfill the acquiescence with CAT6 structured cabling standard for faster and higher installation. Prestige 3D fulfills these categories while sustaining the high aesthetics of Prestige Plus and Compact.

This Prestige 3D has the capability to run a skirting profile in their system demand for Cat6 is growing demand hence increasing its value. Time-saving installation is one of the latest features. Installs 40% faster than the Prestige Plus.

Cat6 complaint
  • Has data sweep, with no capacity loss and does not require bulky and bulging external corners.
  • No drilling or cutting required for the faster making of wire. Divider knockouts with topless/bottomless back boxes.
  • 45mm deep back boxes support greater trunking depth to cater Cat6 structured cabling systems.
  • Less building tolerances with flexible internals and external corners.
  • Moulded to flat angles and tees, all extrusions manufactured from 90% recycled materials.
  • Two-stage hinged lids allows cables to be supported by the trunking cover by during installation and makes retro installation of additional cables more simple
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