PVC Conduits & Fittings

SMDB, DB & Isolator

LIYA ELECTRICALS is an authorized reseller for leading PVC conduits and fittings With greater strength, capacity and geographic reach than ever before, our resources provide an unmatched capacity for new products, new materials, new applications and new processes. We consistently supply the highest quality plastic which is imported from prime MNC in the world.

We have variant leading brand’s which is suitable choose as per client request and committed to ensuring ongoing product excellence. Plastic pipe is the safe, long-lasting and stable solution for a modern infrastructure. Millions of miles of plastic pipe have been installed all over the country. It outlasts any other material. It complies with strict industry standards that confirm its durability, strength, and longevity. And it keeps the water flowing without bursts, flooding or disruptions. We are excited to bring this warranty to you, for the betterment of your business and the industry as a whole.

PVC Supplier in Qatar


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