Industrial Sockets & Plugs

Industrial Sockets & Plugs

Plugs and sockets are essential components of all electrical systems. They are used wherever a connect/disconnect action needs to happen in a power delivery system. Industrial sockets and plugs are specifically designed to deliver a higher amount of current than what's commonly seen in households. They are made up of superior materials and sometimes come with external coverings to protect from weather conditions. Sockets and plugs are available to use even in the harshest of conditions such as chemical plants and coal mines.

Even though plugs and sockets are not the most complex equipment in an electrical system, choosing the right one is important for many reasons Various types of sockets and plugs are available in the market and the customer can choose based on their requirements. Liya electrical provides sockets and plugs that are long-lasting, efficient and safe to operate. We can provide these at a large volume if necessary.

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