LV control systems

LV control systems

Most of the households or small-medium commercial spaces use a low voltage power source to run the entire building. Dividing and controlling the power at the source via a centralized system is a common practice. Such systems are known as LV control systems. Typically LV control systems can split the power input into branches and supply it to various parts of the building. The same system can cut off the power to the whole building or certain parts of it via the control board installed at the origin of power to that building. This is achieved by using fuses and circuit breakers for each circuit, but all the breakers and fuses are positioned in the same place to ensure that all of them are accessible at the same time.

The panelboard which is where all the control systems are housed also helps in protecting against electrical overloads and short circuits if there are such cases. Liya electricals can provide LV control systems for all types of power requirements. The LV control systems are made based on the custom requirements of each building. We use the safest and highest quality electrical components available in the market. Our LV control systems can withstand hard weather conditions and are highly reliable. The panelboards we provide are labeled in detail and provides information regarding voltage, current, and other specifications of the board. This information is helpful to ensure the right equipment is being used as the load.

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