Floor Distribution System

Floor Distribution System

The floor distribution system is the modern power delivery mechanism to future-proof your electrical supply systems. It's decentralized, and supports plug and play type of connection and is modular. Modern workspaces and commercial buildings have a wide variety of power requirements, and unlike the old ages, the requirement for power for each section of the building cannot be predicted. Doing so might restrict expansion and rearrangement plans in the future. Floor distribution systems are the perfect solution to this problem.

Floor distribution system uses a flat type cable and a power outlet or a junction can be created instantly wherever the cables are running, whether it's going through the floor, false ceiling or the wall. The system makes it easy to create a connection at any point by using connectors, all without cutting any cables. The traditional method to achieve this would have required stripping down multiple cables, not to mention the connected load limitations due to the lack of anticipation of such a power requirement in early stages. The safety features of floor distribution systems are much much greater than traditional wiring systems as there is zero cable cutting involved. Cutting the round cables very often for creating an additional branch used to create problems for the whole wiring systems, which is avoided in this case.

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