Disconnector Switch

Disconnector Switch

A disconnector switch is used to cut all electrical power from the load, to create complete electrical isolation. Disconnector switches are found in all power distribution systems and all industries where isolation is required. Disconnector switches are mostly used during power system service, to ensure that none of the connected devices receives power, making sure that the personnel working on the system is safe. The operation of a disconnector switch is different from that of load switches and circuit breakers, as the only purpose is complete electrical isolation.

Disconnectors are only meant to be used for safe servicing of the system and the electricity to the circuit should be interrupted by some other means before using a disconnector. The usage of disconnector switches varies depending upon the load connected. For power-consuming devices such as air conditioning systems, there could be switches close to the equipment itself that contains a fuse as well as a disconnector. The fuse is for preventing overload and disconnectors for isolation. Liya electrical can supply you with disconnector switches of all specifications. We rely upon reputed manufacturers to supply electrical products that provide 100% safety. Our switches can be locked and the materials used to manufacture the switches has high impact resistance. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. Advanced safety features in the disconnector ensure that the lid will not be opened under any circumstances if it is in ON position.

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