MK Electricals

MK Electricals

Authorised MK suppliers in Qatar

Liya Electricals an authorized MK Electric’s supplier in Qatar distribute quality MK products such as Wiring Devices, Cable Management and Power Distribution solutions to satisfy all electrical requirements. Liya Electricals provide safe, reliable and high quality products and became the trusted name among MK resellers in Qatar. Liya Electrical’s, supplies a wide variety of products of MK electric including Logic Plus, elements, Grid Plus, Aspect, Link, Edgge, Metal Clad Plus, Albany Plus and so on. Liya Electricals supplies quality MK products, to satisfy all electrical requirements for commercial and industrial uses. By providing safe, reliable and high quality electrical products Liya Electrical’s became the trusted name in the Qatar market.

MK Suppliers in Qatar

Logic Plus

MK suppliers Logic Plus

Logic Plus wiring devices from MK Electric have been designed to perfectly complement modern interiors, offering an unobtrusive and sophisticated look totally in keeping with today’s design. Technically, they exceed British Standard requirements with patented features that make these products the most advanced and safest available in Qatar market.
Logic Plus products from Mk suppliers are made from a high grade thermoset material which has an inherent antimicrobial property making them a natural choice for hospitals, schools, offices and residences.

MK Elements

MK suppliers Elements

MK Elements Collection is a revolutionary range of stylish wiring devices, inspired by materials including wood, leather and stone. It’s the perfect fusion of distinctive design and unparalleled quality. And like everything MK electric supplier does, it’s beautifully simple…and simply beautiful.
From warm, earthy tones to cool, contemporary lines, MK Elements presents the perfect companion for any interior. From chrome to glass, brushed steel to leather, wood to stone, the collection covers a wide range of light switches, electrical sockets and electrical accessories.

MK Aspect

MK suppliers Aspect

The simple, clean styling of Aspect is both classic and contemporary, so it looks at home anywhere, in almost any kind of environment where style and quality are important. The profile from MK electric is just 4mm slim, so it’s discreet, as well as stylish, while the concealed screws leave an elegant frontplate, providing a clean and flawless look that complements the décor of the finest interiors.

MK Insignia

MK suppliers Insignia

Insignia is a range of wiring devices from MK suppliers that combine function and style. The design is smooth, clean and the products are very slim – in fact just 1.5mm. An impressive yet subtle statement, available in an unrivalled range of finishes, Insignia is the choice in modern, contemporary or traditional interiors where style and detail are the desired effect.

MK Avant

MK suppliers Avant

Avant is an attractive range of wiring devices with innovative, slim line clip on plastic front plates, concealing fixings screws and creating a contemporary and clean look. Removable frontplates mean painting or papering around a switch or socket can be quick, practical and precise.

MK Slimline Plus

MK suppliers Slimline Plus

MK Slimline Plus range offers a wide range of accessories, which are unobtrusive and practical. Manufactured using Polycarbonate, MK suppliers Slimline Plus comes with a high gloss finish that is both tough and durable. Quick and easy installation is a given, and multi-fixing points allow for angular movement that will easily accommodate improperly installed back boxes.

MK Masterseal Plus

MK suppliers Masterseal Plus

Masterseal Plus has been specifically developed for use in both outdoor and indoor environments, and where wiring devices and accessories would be at risk from penetration by dust or water.
With a rating of IP 66, Masterseal Plus from MK electric is perfectly suited for laboratories, swimming pools, commercial kitchens and other outdoor applications.

MK Masterseal Compact

MK suppliers Masterseal Compact

The new and innovative Masterseal Compact range of switches and sockets from MK suppliers, has been specifically designed for use in either outdoor or indoor environments and in areas heavily exposed to dust and splashing water. Sealed to IP66 and tested by MK well in excess of British Standards, it will protect you and your electrical supply in the unfriendliest of environments.
In addition to its ease of installation, the range is aesthetically pleasing with a modern, slim and curved design, allowing the switches and sockets to blend easily with their surroundings.

MK Metalclad Plus

MK suppliers Metalclad Plus

All MK products are made to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use, but in some areas you need them to be even tougher. That’s why the Metalclad Plus range of surface mounted accessories is ideal for factories, workshops, garages and electrical control rooms. Made from heavy gauge steel they’re tough and impact resistant and they look good too.

MK Commando

MK suppliers Commando

This range of MK offers a comprehensive range of industrial plugs, sockets, connectors, appliances, outlets and more. Outstanding temperature performance and great resistance to chemicals make it ideal for the most arduous applications.

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